Introducing M-files and the iCOR Product!

Posted by: COR365 Information Solutions

When you are in need of financial, government, healthcare, legal, or retail solutions to allow your business to operate in a more efficient, secure, and organized fashion, COR365 is the one to call. As one of the industry’s largest privately owned records management companies, we manage over a million boxes of paper records and 150,000 electronic backup tapes, not to mention shredding and recycling a staggering 100 tons of paper each month. Along with offering courier services, data protection, and document imaging, we are now proud to announce the introduction of our M-files and the iCOR product.

iCOR by M Files is essentially like having all your documents on speed dial. All you have to do is type in a keyword and the document you need will appear right before your eyes. Statistics show that employees waste hours digging around looking for documents or files, when they could just use our software and pull up the item they are looking for faster than ever. Our dynamic content management service allows you to have instant access to your work, from any device, at any time. When you use iCOR by M Files, you will enjoy the added protection and security provided by iCOR along with immediate access to all of your crucial documents, without worrying about losing track of papers and throwing out the wrong things. When you work with us, you can use our user-friendly interface to keep all your work-related information in order and within easy reach.

At COR365, we offer the hardcopy and softcopy storage solutions that no one can replicate. We are the only business delivering the integrated solutions you need to stand out against the competition and really make a lasting impression within your industry. To learn more about how our iCOR by M-files and other products can help your business improve, simply fill out this contact form and we will reach out shortly!

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