6 Information Management Misconceptions Unlocked

Posted by: COR365 Information Solutions

Is working with an Information Management Company really worth the time and effort?

Some businesses are reluctant to store their information with an offsite Information Management Service Provider because they think there is a better way, think it will harm their business, or honestly haven’t even thought about it all. Here are six common misconceptions about information management and some startling truths that may have you rethinking how you are storing your documents.



1. Self-Storage and On-Site Storage are always cheaper options

Have you actually done the math though? In addition to storage cost you have to account for travel and staff expenses related to retrieving and managing your businesses critical information assets. Using an offsite Information Management Company will provide ease of access while maintaining efficient and economic costs. You also do not have to worry about what is being stored in the unit beside your unit.


2. As long as data is backed up on the company’s hard drive, there is nothing to worry about

Backing up data is great, but the primary value of backing it up is to have a copy of the data in case of a disaster. When the original and the backup are maintained in the same location however, the purpose of the backup is therefore compromised. Offsite data protection is the best way to protect your company’s critical information and be prepared for any possible disaster.



3. Once files are put into storage, they will never be seen again

This is only true if you never request to see them again! Data Management records centers are not only filled with racks and boxes, but they are filled with employees who are there to locate and deliver whatever you request, whenever you request it and right to your desk.



4. If it isn’t in a manila folder, then it can’t be stored

Although most offsite Information Management Facilities contain their fair share of manila folders in cardboard boxes, that is not all that they specialize in. From valuable art collections and historical artifacts, to highly sensitive items that need special handling and environmental controls. Climate controlled storage can also be requested to keep items stored in optimal conditions.



5. The process of storing information is too difficult

Yes, picking up the phone and dialing can seem tedious, but the information management customer representative on the other end of the line will make it worth your time. You don’t have to worry about categorizing or organizing your files a certain way before storing them. Information Management companies have an entire indexing department that can catalog your information as specific or generic as you choose. So really, the only difficult aspect you need to worry about is the initial phone call. Once you have worked with a professional to determine how you want your information to be prepared and stored, your part is over and the rest will be handled by the Information Management Service Provider.



6. Data Management sounds nice, but it’s not worth the effort

Is insurance worth the effort? Moving information off-site not only provides your business with more working space, but it also provides more security to your business’s operations. Moving you and your clients’ confidential information from a high traffic, high risk work place to an offsite information management records center lowers the risk of any information loss or a data breach.

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