Meet the COR365 Raleigh Service Bureau!

Posted by: Nathan Cook

COR365 Raleigh Employees

Many exciting changes come with acquisitions, but the one we’re most excited about is the addition of some great employees at our Raleigh service bureau. Together our team ensures that your experience with COR365 in the Triangle and eastern NC region is as great as it is in Winston-Salem and Charlotte. COR365 commits to the highest level of customer service, wherever you’re located, and our team in Raleigh is essential to us meeting that standard.

We’re proud to announce the addition of data entry to our suite of information management services.

Customers rely on COR365 for our know-how and ability to tailor solutions to fit their needs. With the addition of data entry services, our solutions are more advantageous and comprehensive. Think of data entry as a precision extraction tool for data, but without the limitations of today’s optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark recognition (OMR), or intelligent character recognition (ICR). Handwritten information and questionnaire responses can now be output to you in a digital format (ASCII, Excel, etc.) by COR365’s experienced data entry operators. Data is only as valuable as it is accurate and, with a 99.5% accuracy rate on double-blind verified projects, you can be confident in the data we deliver.

Our Raleigh service bureau also brings the addition of microfilm and microfiche digitization services.

For years, microforms were an integral (and often legally required) part of long-term information management. As technology evolves, digital files are beginning to take their place (or exist in tandem as part of more comprehensive archival or file retention plans) and we can help. With various output format options and infinite indexing options, the file you are looking for will never take long to find (and you won’t have to load it onto a microform reader first). And, of course, vinegar syndrome will never be an issue again.

What does all this mean for you? COR365 is now your one stop shop for all information management solutions. From automated to manual processes, physical or digital—we have a cost-effective answer and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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