The Magic of M-Files®

Posted by: COR365 Information Solutions

“M-Files® is changing the way the world manages content”

Stop for a moment and think about your current content management system. Whether you store all of your files on your computer locally or on a server, do you know the precise location of each document you manage? More importantly, how quickly can you find a document when you need it? The average employee spends about 20% of their time searching for information. That is 1 hour and 36 minutes out of a regular workday. In a culture that values productivity and efficiency, this is simply too much time and, worse, it’s completely unnecessary. This is where M-Files® comes in.

“Everything is organized based on what it is and not where it’s stored”

This may sound like a simple or insignificant feature of the M-Files® software, but in fact, it is the premise on which the entire software was built. Clicking through miscellaneous folders and trying to remember where you saved a document from weeks ago can be tedious. Where your document is located shouldn’t affect your ability find it. M-Files® organizes your files automatically through personalized virtual folders so, with the snap of a finger (or a quick keyword search), you can instantly locate those files.

“M-Files® automates the invoice approval workflow as soon as the invoice is sent to the vault”

Say goodbye to hours of manual invoice sorting per account. This feature expedites the completion of workflows, saving your accounting department valuable time and energy. Using M-Files® for every step streamlines the accounts payable process and ensures consistency. Depending on your industry, M-Files® can also automate AEC-related workflows, logistical workflows, contract lifecycle management, SOP management, and operational workflows depending on the needs of each individual company.

“In M-Files® there is always only one version of a document and it’s always up to date”

Sending documents to multiple people for revisions and changes creates multiple versions of a document, with no easy way to consolidate the changes and the potential to create confusion over which version to use. With M-Files® , if you want people to edit a document, you simply assign the document to them with an explanation. Each individual can then check out the document, make revisions, and then check it back in, replacing the original version. So the next time someone with granted access to the document opens it, they will see the updated version.

M-Files® is the foundation of COR365’s iCOR. We chose M-Files® because we understand the challenges our clients face in digital information management, and M-Files® provides the right solutions. It streamlines the search process and is so designed to be easy to use so that employees will quickly feel comfortable with it. Most importantly, iCOR makes your information work for you, not the other way around.

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