Privacy, Security, Convenience: 3 Essential Paper Shredding Tips For Businesses

Posted by: Rob Riggs


Document destruction, especially in fields that deal with especially sensitive information, is a very urgent issue for businesses. Identity theft isn’t just the fastest-growing crime in the nation, it’s a thriving $50 billion a year industry.

And when you consider that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year, it’s not hard to imagine how many opportunities there are for identity theft. And while the average consumer might think of identity theft as a digital problem, thieves know better: the best way to score personal info is by finding hard-copy documents.

If you compromise even one client’s personal information, it could affect not only your relationships with other customers, but your organization’s reputation, as well. The cost of making sure that all information is secured, and even going as far to ensure that it is recycled, is a very important part of running a responsible company. The best paper shredding services help you stay compliant, maintain your customers’ trust, and make your company more efficient in the process.

Check out these tips for choosing the best and most reliable shredding services for your business:

Outsource To Professionals

Although keeping a paper shredder around the office may seem like enough, outsourcing to a company that provides shredding services is your best bet. For companies that deal with a high volume of paper, it’s the only practical option. Many information management services will provide onsite shredding on-demand, and it won’t take your employees away from other important tasks.

Choose a Local Company

A local company is not only more convenient for you (and a good way to support local businesses), but they will be familiar with the state laws that govern the storage and destruction of particular documents. Document disposal rules and regulations may vary by location, so working with a local vendor can be especially helpful.

Going Paperless?

The more your office shreds, the closer you will be to going entirely paperless as you digitize more and more documents. If you’re converting hard copies of company records into a digital database, then shredding services can help you securely destroy those old records.

Plus, your office will benefit from the freed up space that was previously being taken up by filing cabinets or stacks of paper and boxes–which can also pose a fire hazard.

Remember: 90% of identity thefts actually use information from printed sources, rather than those found online.

It is very important to protect company and customer information in order to maintain your credibility and reputation in the field. Don’t hesitate to contact your local information management team as soon as possible, and rest easy knowing that your information is secure, with no pressure on your employees.

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