Why Use a Courier Service? Find Out the Many Benefits

Posted by: Rob Riggs

courier service

If your organization handles sensitive information, like Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or private health information (PHI), you have a duty to protect that information. Plus, if that information was ever compromised, your organization’s reputation would suffer, causing you to lose credibility.

But information needs to move, and it is in moving that it is most vulnerable. That’s why courier services present a secure, cost-effective way to transport sensitive information. Check out some of the other major benefits and functions of courier services:

Last Minute Needs — Taken Care Of

There are courier service pickup options that are designed to meet the need for same-day delivery. Since couriers can be concentrated on only your delivery, the information you are sending will travel by a safe and direct path to its destination without risk of it being lost or late.

24/7 Availability

Courier services can be available at all hours, not just during normal business hours, which will allow you to work within your own time-frame and meet deadlines, no matter when you need to work.

Unique Delivery Options

Whether you need to deliver very important documents or valuable objects, courier services offer a variety of options to make sure your transaction goes as planned. Whether you request door-to-door delivery or a recurring run, a local courier service can make sure everything goes smoothly.

Identity Protection

Did you know that almost 90% of all identity thefts use information from print sources as opposed to online sources? That means that sensitive information sent in packages or envelopes through regular mail services are particularly susceptible to theft and tampering. Even with postal or postal affiliates postage numbers, it is impossible to always guarantee that critical information won’t be lost or used to commit identity theft.

You know how important it is to conduct your business professionally, and this includes deliveries and the protection of sensitive documents. Don’t hesitate to contact a local courier service to safeguard your information when it’s on the move.

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