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Posted by: Nathan Cook

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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We’re genuinely passionate about iCOR by M-Files here at COR365. One of the biggest reasons is how it’s improved our own internal processes. Just like we place our own shred bins throughout our facilities for our employees to use, we use iCOR internally, too. While it’s used across multiple departments, the one we’ll focus on today is how our sales and customer service teams use iCOR as our customer relationship management (CRM) system.

While iCOR supports integration with other CRM services, like Salesforce, we use a custom version of iCOR. Our account executives and customer service representatives use it to help manage new business opportunities and current customers. With workflows designed to manage our sales funnel, iCOR helps us stay organized and close deals. It’s also a powerful tool for creating clear accountability. And, it gives us data to help us understand what we do well and where we can improve.

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For example, we can look at the number of days it takes to close a deal with a new customer by service, or sales executive, or both. Then we can see whether those numbers changed over the course of a year. So not only do we have more data with which we can analyze our processes, we’re also giving our sales executives a tool to help them manage their tasks and build relationships with customers. This is also a visible process, so their sales manager is able to quickly get a snapshot of what everyone is working on and what’s in the sales funnel.

Generating a report on what deals have closed is as simple as double-clicking on it and selecting the date ranges. If we want to look up a customer, it’s as easy as typing part of the organization’s name. And if we don’t remember the name or spelling? We can look them up by their contact person’s name, a portion of their street address, the city they’re located in, or any number of other options. That’s why we love iCOR. Everything we ever need is right at our fingertips. And with the iPhone and Android apps, our sales team always has everything they need, with or without their laptops.

Check out our iCOR page to learn more about the enterprise content management (ECM) system and other powerful capabilities. Click Here

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