Off-Site Document Storage: How to Save Space, Time, and Money When You Can’t go Fully Digital

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Off-Site document storage at our Winston-Salem facility. With cyber attacks, hacks, ransomware, and leaked Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the rise, the pressure is on businesses to implement budget friendly, document storage solutions that will safeguard  their clients and employees critical information. The birth of the cloud, and advancements in digital storage solutions have given business owners an array of document storage options to choose from.  

In a previous blog post, Digital Document Storage: Speed, Efficiency, and Security, we shared the benefits of digital document storage. We also talked about how it can help a business by reducing office clutter, and making documents more organized and easier to find. And by minimizing security threats such as insider theft and phishing schemes. In our most recent blog post, Tape Vaulting: A seasoned Veteran in a Young Digital World, we talked about tape vaulting as a reliable, cost-effective, long-term storage option. And how it can boost the security of your business by reducing the risk of cyber attacks and hacks.

While going paperless may be something of a goal in a perfect world, it’s simply not a practical option for many organizations. So, how best to manage the paper you generate?

Move it Out

Studies have shown that 55% of organizations are still using paper-based document storage as a long term storage solution. To safeguard critical information those documents should be stored somewhere that is both accessible (to you) and safe and secure from everything else. Off-site document storage allows businesses to reduce the burden of in-house document storage by freeing up office space. Additionally, storing documents with an experienced document management company increases security, and eliminates the risk of insider theft.

Organize the Chaos

To maximize efficiency it is important that documents are properly organized and stored. When stored off-site, documents are picked up, labeled, indexed, tracked, and delivered by record management professionals. This helps keep information safe from mislabeling and misfiling. And ensures documents are easy to find when needed.

24/7 Protection

In addition to giving the office more breathing room, and reducing time spent searching for documents. Off-site document storage makes it possible for businesses to store critical information in facilities with monitored security 24/7, 365 days a year.

Final Thoughts

Even as the digital age continues to grow, paper records are still a widely used, and for some businesses, a required form of document storage. Storing documents with a reputable document management company allows organizations to reduce in-office filing expenses, frees up office space, and maximizes security and efficiency.—No matter how much paper you generate.


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