Two Keys to Understanding On-Site Shredding vs. Off-Site Shredding

Posted by: Nathan Cook

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If your organization handles any personally identifiable information (PII), proprietary information, or any information where confidentiality is valued, permanent destruction is the right choice (sometimes the only legal choice) for its final disposition. But where it’s shredded might be almost as important to you as whether it’s shredded at all.

1. There’s no need to be bullied into off-site shredding by your vendor

Some information management companies have been moving to off-site shredding, ceasing or reducing availability for on-site mobile shreds. To be clear, both methods can be done securely and to industry standards. If you’re working with a shred vendor that is AAA-certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), you can rest assured that your documents are destroyed to international industry standards. But, you still might want the peace of mind that comes with seeing your documents shredded before they ever leave your parking lot. Seeing is believing, after all. Mobile shreds give you additional reassurance that the information on those papers won’t be breached. With on-site shredding, your documents will never be in transit or awaiting shredding at a vendor’s facility while they’re still whole and recoverable.

Most importantly, on-site shredding is a reasonable request. If on-site shredding is important to you, there’s no need to be bullied into off-site shredding by your vendor. Find a reputable, NAID certified vendor who will meet your requirements—they’re out there.

2. When it comes to shredding, there’s just no need to compromise

So, is on-site really better than off-site? The truth is that the best option is the one that meets your needs. If you prefer on-site, whatever your reasons, there’s no need to compromise with off-site. If you’re comfortable with off-site and the typically lower costs that are associated, then off-site may be best for you.

The best information management companies understand the importance of flexibility and agility in meeting each of their customers’ unique challenges.Offering on-site shredding (or mobile shredding, as it’s sometimes called) is just part of that flexibility.

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