Protecting Business Critical Documents Against Ransomware

Posted by: Russell Atkins

iCOR by M-Files secure solutions document management ransomware protectionCompanies implement server firewalls and anti-virus solutions to protect against potential security threats from the outside. The most recent and notorious of these threats has been ransomware. Ransomware is a specific type of malware that attempts to encrypt data on computers and mapped network folders, preventing the computers’ owners from being able to access their own files. The culprits then demand the owners pay ransom fees in exchange for the decryption keys.

Unfortunately, as with many maladies, the best cure is prevention and avoiding the ransomware downloading and executing in the first place. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to protect the documents and files that are most important to you, even if ransomware manages to wrap its serpentine grip around your computer.

The Secure Solution

If you’re familiar with our iCOR® by M-Files® solution, you know that it’s built to make documents and files easy to find and easy to collaborate on with your colleagues. But, it’s also designed to be secure, with built-in features like file encryption (in transit and at rest) and intrusion detection.

Lock Ransomware Out

With iCOR® by M-Files®, the robust security features ensure files remain safe from unwanted or malicious encryption technology and ransomware. Unlike mapped network folders, iCOR by M-Files documents cannot be edited unless they are checked out. In order to check-out a document in iCOR, a user must have edit rights and complete the check-out process. No known ransomware can accomplish this. Even if such malware existed or was developed and it was executed on an iCOR client computer, the newly encrypted file would be saved as a new version, and it wouldn’t affect previous versions saved in iCOR. Therefore, encrypted files would be simply rolled back to the previous version.

Thanks to iCOR by M-Files’s version control capabilities, changes to files are never overwritten, and all changes are stored as a new file version. Encrypted files can be simply be rolled back to a previous version, keeping your data safe and secure–even from something as insidious as ransomware.

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