The Prevention and Remediation of a Breach

Posted by: Nathan Cook

breach readiness and protection

Breaches encompass a wide breadth of types and causes. It may seem difficult to keep a dedicated team of expert hackers at bay. But, in fact, most breaches are caused internally, through malice or negligence. And a breach doesn’t even have to involve a computer at all. Paper-based personnel records are a treasure trove of personally identifiable information (PII). There are all sorts of other paper documents, from health information to addresses and financial data, that are vulnerable to a breach. Therefore, make your organization is following best practices for handling and protecting PII and sensitive personal information (SPI)—whether it’s digital or paper.

Consult with a Certified Information Governance Professional

Find the weak points in your policies and procedures with a certified information governance professional (IGP). Bridgett Weldner, IGP, will evaluate your organization and offer clear action items to help you protect your information, both digital and hard copy. In addition, she’ll help you make sure that you’re getting the most out of your information workflows. She can help you determine what documents are worth digitizing and what can be permanently destroyed or archived.

CSR Readiness® Program

There are two main components to our CSR Readiness offering. The first is a thorough questionnaire that examines your organizations policies and procedures and their susceptibility to a breach. From there, it’ll offer you suggestions for how to improve areas where you’re vulnerable (which our IGP can help you with by providing more in-depth guidance). Second, if you ever do have a breach, a simple phone call will set in motion rigorous research into your legal responsibilities for notification based on the applicable jurisdictions. They’ll tell you 1) if you have to notify anyone; 2) if you do, whom, and; 3) when you must notify them by. It’s an inexpensive, indispensable service for any organization that handles PII.

Tape Vaulting & Data Protection

If you have a breach, depending on the cause, you may need to restore from a backup. There’s no more tried and trusted backup than tapes. The storage-size-to-cost ratio can’t be beat. They’ve also earned a reputation for long-term durability and reliability. By storing your tapes off-site, you’re gaining the benefits of not co-locating your systems and backups, while keeping them in a fire-suppressed, climate-controlled, secure and monitored environment. With expedited delivery options, your backup tapes are always rapidly accessible.

Document Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction

Unrecoverable. That’s the goal of shredding and destruction. Any information or data, on paper or other media, should be permanently destroyed and impossible to reconstruct any meaningful information from. That’s what our shredding process is designed for. We are AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. Our shredding services ensure that sensitive and personal information isn’t recoverable.

There’s No Such Thing as Breach-Proof…Unfortunately

Be wary of anyone selling anything that they claim makes you “breach-proof.” It just isn’t that simple. But there are things you can do to help decrease and minimize the risk. Above are just some of the ways that COR365 services can help you avoid and prepare for a breach. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can help you construct a more effective prevention plan, please fill out the contact form below.

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