New Year, New Bests: Shed the Pounds, Shred the Rest 

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As 2018 begins, many of us are looking to make new resolutions. We often use this time to better ourselves physically. But, why limit the resolutions to personal goals? The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set fresh aspirations for your organization, as well.

Taking a moment to consider the security and integrity of your records and data is one way to get your year off to a successful start. This will not only protect your company, but your clients and staff as well. As a NAID AAA-Certified shredding company, COR365®Information Solutions offers various shredding services to fit your unique needs.   

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Why Should You Shred?

It is important that records are disposed of properly, especially when dealing with sensitive and private information. Specific legislation requires companies to protect the personal information shared with them by both clients and employees. To avoid fines, organizations often turn to shred vendors to ensure proper and permanent disposal. Using a certified shredding provider to destroy records that include personally identifiable information (PII), gives you and your clients the peace of mind that your records are being handled properly and cannot be reconstructed after they’ve been shredded. Shredding such documents protects those involved from falling victim to identity theft, one of the major problems that plagues our current society. A certified shredding provider will also allow you to further promote a consumer relationship built on trust and sustainability. Additionally, by recycling, shredding services offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the trash bin.

What Should You Shred?

Now that you know the benefits of shredding, let’s talk about what documents you should be shredding. The following are examples types of records that need to be disposed of safely:

  • Employee Records
  • Tax Returns
  • Client Records
  • Photo IDs
  • Financial Statements
  • Copies of Receipts
  • Applications
  • Employee Pay Stubs
  • Any Other Document That May Contain PII

How Can You Shred?

Here at COR365, we’re here to help. We offer our clients various services and options customized to their specific needs:

On-Site vs. Off-Site Shredding

COR365 Information Solutions provides clients with options for both on-site and off-site shredding. With on-site shredding, we schedule a time for our mobile shredding trucks to arrive. We collect your document tubs and shred the documents right in front of you. However, if viewing the shred is not a priority, we also offer secure off-site shredding.

Regular Rotations, One-Time, and On-Demand

In addition to different types of shredding, clients can choose to start a regular, frequent rotation schedule with us, or on an on-call basis. Of course, if you only need a one-time shredding service, we can do that as well.

Our services encompass the full spectrum of information management from tape vaulting to microfilm, and everything in between.

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