Why It’s Essential to Have an Organized Filing System

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One of the largest obstacles facing employees in the workplace today is file disorganization. In fact, a recent study by M-Files® found that 64 percent of staff experience problems while trying to search for company files and other essential information. By not having a concise, streamlined filing system, employers are severely hindering the efficiency of their employees.

The Plague of Disorganization

Outdated filing systems make it hard for staff to find the information they need quickly. The three most common filing mistakes that stall employee productivity are:

           1. Various versions of the same file
                are saved in duplicate folders or

           2. Documents are not named clearly
               or concisely.

           3. Files are saved to the wrong folder
               or system.


These issues do not limit themselves solely to digitally stored files. In fact, with hard-copy record storage, things can be even more confusing. For example, having an outdated filing system can create a lot of clutter. Rooms full of filing cabinets, plastic storage bins, and cardboard filing boxes waste valuable office space and make it challenging to locate a needed folder or file. In the end, employees are left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when faced with such confusion.

Need a Way Out?

Avoid the disarray with COR365’s digitization services. Featuring a wide range of digitization options from letter and legal-size documents to large format sheets (like maps and blueprints), and microfiche and microfilm conversion, we can ensure that your digitization and organization needs are met. Document scanning is an essential part of a healthy information management plan. With our scanning and OCR services, all of your documents can become fully text searchable, making it easier for your employees to find what they need, when they need it.

Document imaging and digitization are perfect solutions for employers who:

  • Spend valuable time searching for company files
  • Want all of their files to be protected but easily available
  • Need more office floor space
  • Have employees that must collaborate or share files

    Document Scanning Services

Want To Do More?

Want to make sure that your company’s files are secure but easily accessible? Our partnership with M-Files® offers you access to iCOR™, a dynamic enterprise content management (ECM) system. With iCOR™’s multilevel search capacity and utilization of metadata, your documents can be instantly located using simple keywords. The software protects your files against malware, through encryption, while giving you the ability to share, edit, and revise in a group setting. Our program ensures that your employees can collaborate effectively and productively, without wasting time working on the wrong versions of files or creating unnecessary duplicates.

For even greater convenience, make sure to take advantage of our storage or shredding options to ensure that your documents are handled properly after digitization.

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