ECM: Brewing Efficiency in Every Industry

Posted by: Nathan Cook

We’ve all read about the strong economic growth taking place in the country.  When you start thinking about industries that are thriving at high rates, craft beer is one that probably comes to mind.  While the U.S beer market was down last year (a small 1%), craft brew grew by about 5% according to the Brewers Association.

Breweries with cool names, innovative flavors, and rabid fan bases seem to be popping up in every city.  ECM Document Management iCOR Contract Files Paper Organization BreweryEntrepreneurs are leveraging different techniques and unique ingredients to create new product, leading to a diverse landscape of brews. It all takes a lot of creativity and collaboration with new partners for brainstorming, vendors for equipment, and employees for creation.  That is a lot of moving pieces in different areas of the business.  How can you manage all of these business processes without getting bogged down in mundane administrative tasks?  The simple answer is to implement a fluid document management system.

Often referred to as an Enterprise Content Management system (or ECM), document management systems allow business to automate task and assignments, create workflows, and easily find documents across multiple systems.   This is a must-have for anyone tasked with collaboration and cross-functional business responsibilities.  As you can imagine, there are plenty of business cases for implementing this type of system in a craft micro-brewery, but to keep it simple we wanted to focus on three:

Less Paper Means Less Clutter

ECM Document Management iCOR Contract Files Paper Organization BreweryWhile it may be nearly impossible to eliminate all paper processes, especially with external partners, invoices, checks, etc.  You can certainly streamline some aspects of the business.  An example could be on the distribution side.  Bill of ladings can be done electronically and signed digitally versus having drivers sign a paper copy which would then need to be sent in and then scanned manually.

Quickly Find Any Document

Instead of having to search through accounting software, a CRM, an ERP, or any other ECM Document Management iCOR Contract Files Paper Organization Brewerysoftware, a good ECM can search across systems (or house everything) and allow employees to find exactly what they need in seconds. Searching for an agreement for a distributor or a partner’s contact information is a breeze.

Track Product Testing

Some brew pubs believe that Quality Control (QC) can be very expensive.  This misconception can be proven false by implementing a quality ECM.  Keeping track of test results and making sure everything is properly tracked with version control capabilities.

Efficiency is vital for smaller businesses like micro-breweries. Doing more with less means giving your staff the right tools to be productive and efficient. Time spent searching is time that’s unnecessarily wasted. A good ECM can be just the boost your team needs.

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