Are You Taking Advantage of the Air Gap?

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Knowing how to correctly store and protect your data is critical in any industry. With the constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity, you can never be too sure or too secure. We all know that where your files are stored, and who has access to them matters. However, what we often overlook is whether or not the storage location is connected to the internet. After all, if it’s online and vulnerable to hacking, how can it be secure? That’s why security conscious companies rely upon off-site tape vaults to protect critical backups. Partnering with a storage vendor means that your data is off-site and off-line, allowing you to take advantage of the “air gap.”

What is the “Air Gap”?

cyber-network-secured-from-remote-access-through-airgapping“Air Gapping” is a popular cybersecurity measure for protecting a computer network and the data it contains. An “air gap” exists when the computer network is completely physically isolated from any other unsecured local area network or internet connection. Doing this creates a literal “gap” or “wall” of air between the data and your online systems, making it impossible to remotely access.

Although not a new concept, air gapping has proved to be a growing solution for cybersecurity needs. The air gap is seen in stock exchange systems, nuclear power plant control rooms, and industrial control systems. Air gapping has even been used by the United States military to protect their most important files and backups. Publicly, this method of data protection is becoming more popular as companies continue to fall victim to data breaches and ransomware attacks. After all, it’s much harder to access data that isn’t online.

The Benefits of Off-Site and Off-line

Since air gapped media is not connected to the internet, it is nearly impossible to attack or compromise from a remote location. Put simply, in the event of a cyber-attack, your offline data will not be affected. Therefore, an air gapped backup eliminates the fear of restoring your computer with corrupted backup files and software from a local server. Instead, you know that you have a secure original copy of your data, which can get you back up and running in no time.

hacker-remotely-accessing-computer-without-airgappingThe air gap essentially requires hackers to gain physical access before executing any sort of cyberattack or breach, meaning you’ve created a physical, tough barrier for any would-be hackers (and essentially made it impossible for overseas hackers). Additionally, by not co-locating your main systems and your backups, you’re able to hedge against the risks of fires, flooding, theft, and other incidents. This is where we see the importance of an off-line and off-site storage method, such as LTO tapes.

Off-site data storage vaults give you controlled access to your data with 24/7/365 security monitoring and climate control. This means your tapes can’t be accessed by anyone other than those whom you’ve authorized. Partnering with a storage vendor also means that your data can exist in a protected, independent location, without you having to sacrifice the convenience of having them readily available. With a reputable vendor, you can literally have the best of both worlds.

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