A business that grows like a family–one becomes two, then three, then…

The Brown family businesses trace their origins back to 1974, when H.A. Brown Jr. and Patricia T. Brown founded Twin City Warehouses, Inc. Since then, several companies have evolved. Each business is different, but all share the same high level of leadership that has made them innovators in their fields.

Twin City Warehouses grew into two divisions: Twin City Distribution, providing public warehousing and storage, and DataChambers Records Management, offering comprehensive information management.

In 1995, Henry A. Brown III and Bruce Brown created Salem Business Park and relocated Twin City Warehouses, Adele Knits, and the family’s corporate offices to this centralized area to maximize efficiencies.

Relocation fueled growth. The Browns saw an opportunity to extend their expertise into disaster recovery and business continuity, and founded DataChambers, LLC (DC), in 2002.

In 2008 DataChambers Records Management expanded, establishing an 85,000-square-foot records center in Charlotte, NC. The Browns’ commitment to superior customer service earned them a loyal following—so loyal, customers urged them to expand again in 2009, this time into the Raleigh/Durham area.

The records-management division has emerged as the true engine of growth. Seeing their future in this thriving area, the Browns sold the information-technology branch (DataChambers, LLC) in 2012. DataChambers Records Management was renamed COR365® Information Solutions to exemplify the company’s renewed focus and core strengths: innovative solutions, absolute security, and unsurpassed customer care, 24/7/365.

Client response has been impressive. Today, COR365® is one of the industry’s largest privately owned records management companies, managing more than 1.3 million boxes of paper records and 150,000 electronic backup tapes, and shredding and recycling approximately 100 tons of paper each month.