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Dynamic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System allows you to have immediate access to your information, using any device, from anywhere.

Is it really searching if it doesn’t take time?

With iCOR™ by M-Files®, your file will always be in the first place you look. More importantly, iCOR™’s version controls and audit trails ensure that teams are always collaborating on the right version of a document.

iCOR™’s powerful multilevel search capability retrieves files based on what they are, not where they are. iCOR™ makes your organization’s information a tool for growth.

For even greater convenience, you can securely access iCOR™ from anywhere, in seconds, using any Internet-enabled device. Your phone, your tablet, and your computer can all become powerful management and collaboration tools, giving you the power of true Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Powered by Metadata

Documents and content are organized using metadata in the form of tags in the record management system. Simply tag your content with information helpful in identifying it (document type, date, title, etc.). To retrieve it, key in your tag or any word within the document, and it instantly appears. Metadata renders file folders irrelevant.

Collaborate Better

Share documents and files, assign tasks, co-author, edit, revise, approve, authorize, and more. All in a secure environment.

iCOR™ tracks version history. Every time a document is changed, both the previous and the new versions are maintained in the document management software, along with an auditable trail of changes from the time the document is created to its final released version. You’ll never have to guess whether you’re working on the most recent version of a document.

Any version may be instantly retrieved to check what was changed, and the record management software allows you to roll back to an older version if you like. Only the changes between versions are saved in the ECM, so storage space is used efficiently and searching remains fast.

Every electronic file type is supported, including Word documents; Excel spreadsheets; PowerPoint presentations; PDF, CAD and QuickBooks files, images, pictures and more.

Smart Integration

ecm salesforce sharepoint sap integration

iCOR™ by M-Files® is designed to work within your ecosystem. Thoughtful, careful integration with key platforms like SharePoint, Salesforce, Autocad, SAP, and more, mean iCOR™ works in tandem with your other strategic software investments, without disruption.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Organizes documents and information with metatags, or tags
  • Finds any document instantly—no more searching through folders
  • Protects and secures your documents
  • No need for training—if you know Windows, you know iCOR
  • Scans and saves directly from any scanner or application, even email

Storage options include hosted, on-premise or a hybrid solution.

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iCOR Record Management System and Enterprise Content Management | COR365

Our Off-Site Hosted ECM Solution Delivers a Whole Host of Benefits.

This enterprise content management is the best way to manage your documents without having the burden of the technical hardware infrastructure or the expertise required to maintain it.

COR365, along with our partner DataChambers delivers a hosted platform that’s highly secure, scalable, and reliable. It also provides SaaS flexibility, allowing you to easily expand storage or adjust the number of user licenses without a significant capital investment or incremental resources to support it.

The Hosted Vault is located in an underground, bunkered data center with state-of-the-art security, layers of redundancy and automated backup routines for greater protection against data loss or theft. Only authorized individuals can access your data.


Already Have Servers? A Self-Hosted Document Management System is On The Money.

If your organization has made the investment in servers and systems, or if you have other business considerations mandating the use of an on-premise solution deployed behind your company firewall, this is the approach for you.

With an on-premise record management system, you can take advantage of your organization’s Active Directory setup for logins and access to iCOR, easing the transition and facilitating rapid adoption.


Our Hybrid Document Management Solution Combines the Benefits of Both.

You can leverage your existing on-premise technology investments and take advantage of our award-winning document management software and enterprise content management solution running in a secure hosted environment, as needed. Our Hosted Solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing on-premise systems, like ERP, CRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX. Conversely, an On-Premise deployment of iCOR record management system can be easily integrated into existing cloud-based business applications, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics Online or NetSuite.

For more than three decades, COR365 has kept our clients’ critical information safe, secure and available. Now, with iCOR, we put it to work. To talk to a representative about how iCOR can help your organization, call (336) 499-6020 or email us.

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