We are happy to offer a credit card option for making payments online. There will be a processing fee of 3% of the invoice amount per transaction. The fee will automatically be added to your total upon connecting to the PayPal website.

One-Time Shred Customers: For the ‘Invoice Number’ field, please re-enter your Customer Number. Your ‘Invoice Number’ and ‘Customer Number’ are identical.

Pay Your Invoice

Please complete the fields below to pay your invoice. Required fields are denoted by an asterisk (*). The total listed below is the total for your invoice and the 3% processing fee. Clicking the payment button will direct you to the PayPal website where you can complete your payment securely. If you have any questions regarding the required information below, please call us at 336/499-6020.

  • If entering more than one customer number, please separate numbers with semicolons (i.e., 0XXX1; 0XXX2; 0XXX3).
  • If entering more than one invoice number, please separate numbers with semicolons (i.e., 100001; 100002; 100003). Please Note: If you are a ‘One-Time Shred’ customer, your invoice number will be the same as your ‘Customer Number’ from the previous field.
  • Please enter the total listed on your invoice. If you are paying multiple invoices, please enter the total for all the invoices you are paying. The processing fee will be added below.

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