Breach Protection

As part of the privacy and security offerings of COR365 Information Solutions we are proud to offer you CSR Readiness Pro™ – the most comprehensive, beginning-to-end breach reporting package available on the market today.

The Pro Edition contains risk assessment backed with its award-winning breach reporting service.

Be Proactive With The CSR Readiness® Program

It all starts with a simple self-assessment questionnaire designed to help your organization put a plan in place to prevent the loss of personally identifiable information (PII).

However, even the most comprehensive plan cannot guarantee the prevention of a breach. It’s well documented that most breaches are employee-caused, some intentionally and others by negligence or accident. From system errors to outright theft, information compromises can have many causes and mobile technology and smart devices only compound the problem.

Proactive detection and remediation goes a long way towards diminishing the problem. After all, under the current mandated state and federal regulations and privacy requirements the headaches of a damaged reputation or lost sales are well overshadowed by the potential of serious fines and lawsuits.

That’s why, in the event of a breach, a single call to CSR will initiate research into your legal duties and obligations for breach reporting in your state. CSR will work with you to prepare notices for any parties to whom you’re required to notify. While a breach might be stressful, finding answers for what you need to do next shouldn’t be.

Case Studies

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