Put Your Data to Use Faster
with Data Entry

COR365’s data entry service is a high-speed, confidential data extraction solution performed manually by data entry operators in Raleigh, North Carolina. When paper questionnaires and handwritten responses are slowing down your ability to process the data, we can key the fields you need and output it in the format you require. We can key into an existing content management system, if you have one, or we can provide a text or Excel file, in the format you prefer, to import into your system. From single pass to double-blind verified, we can meet the timeline and accuracy rates your project demands. We enter data from thousands of surveys and other documents each year for a wide variety of clients in the research, academic, manufacturing, retail, and medical industries.

Data entry is an optimal solution for organizations that need to aggregate or compile data from questionnaires, reporting forms, FDA clinical trial information (and other data subject to HIPAA protections), financial data, data tables, handwritten information, or any other materials from which data can be extracted.

We’re independently measured at 99.5% accuracy for double-blind verified data entry and our team’s years of experience working on highly confidential projects and sensitive materials means you can rely on our discretion.

We remain committed to providing cost-effective, reliable data entry performed on-shore in the United States. Your documents and data will never leave the country. It’s a great way to outsource your data entry needs with a typing service that you can trust.

Your COR365™ Information Solutions Advantage

  • Experienced data entry staff working in a brick-and-mortar office in North Carolina
  • 99.5% (or greater) accuracy rate for double-blind projects
  • Flexible options and turnaround times to meet your needs and budget
  • Various output formats: From ASCII, Excel, and EBCDIC to keying directly into an online system
  • Compliant with state and federal regulations governing information protection

To receive a typing services quote, please fill out our contact form. One of our information solutions experts will contact you and answer any questions you may have.