Off-Site Data Storage Vaults in North Carolina

…with controlled access and 24/7 monitoring, for complete peace of mind.

If you are a business owner, chances are you spend a great deal of time worrying about security breaches and ensuring that you, your employees, and your clients are safe and protected. One way to protect your company is by remotely backing up your data (ex. using magnetic tape backups or disk storage media). Let’s say you’re already doing that – even at the enterprise level. Now imagine if you could have 24/7 protection and monitoring, every single day of the year for those off-site backups. At COR365, we are here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, so you can devote your time to pressing work matters, rather than having to waste another minute fretting about your important files. Along with document imaging, record storage, shredding services and more in North Carolina, we offer enterprise-level data protection services to keep your most valued assets safe and sound.

Routinely backing up critical business information and storing them in a safe, secure environment that’s remotely located makes it possible for businesses to continue to operate seamlessly, even when an unexpected disaster happens.

COR365® Information Solutions stores physical backup tapes, disks, microfilm, microfiche and other media in our secure, off-line climate-controlled data vaults.

This gives our clients peace of mind, confident that their most valued assets are well-protected and readily-accessible when needed.

Your COR365® Vault Storage Advantage

  • Multi-level controlled access with surveillance cameras
  • Bar-coded inventory control
  • Web access and ordering capability
  • Climate-controlled for temperature and humidity
  • FM 200 fire suppression protection with a four-hour rating to withstand intense, high-temperature blazes
  • Actively monitored 24/7, 365 days a year

For legally compliant, highly secure, efficient data protection services that are carried out with the utmost professionalism, COR365 is here to help.

Ready to get started? Have questions? We would love to hear from you! Contact us online or call (336) 499-6020 and one of our friendly staff members will reach out to you shortly! We look forward to making your business a more efficient, protected place.