COR365® understands the value of your financial records. And knows how to protect them.

Financial Document ManagementAt COR365, we understand the vital importance of records and information to financial firms. All of the data involved (from mortgage records, personal and commercial account information, credit card numbers, signature cards, wills, and more), each need secure, organized storage without sacrificing accessibility. Financial services companies have a duty, and a vested financial interest, in protecting the integrity of their records and information. Our information management solutions are designed with ease and privacy in mind, guaranteeing that the flow of data is perpetually smooth, secure, and streamlined.

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Financial Document Management Services

Document Scanning

Converting hard-copy files to images streamlines operations, saving companies money. And COR365® Information Solutions has the expertise to help.


Record Storage

COR365® Information Solutions is an expert in storing and managing business records—allowing clients to reclaim costly office space and free up their staff.


Shredding Services

COR365® Information Solutions’ shredding services are designed to keep records private and help companies comply with all federal and state regulations.


Data Protection

Routinely backing up and storing files in a safe, secure environment allows businesses to operate seamlessly, even when the unexpected happens.



iCOR™ is our newest addition to a suite of services that help businesses store, protect, retrieve as well as eliminate information. No other company can match our solutions or our dedication to finding the right one for each client. As the industry leader, COR365® Information Management Solutions can help virtually any business streamline operations, lower costs and simplify compliance.

Streamlined Document Scanning

Our Document Imaging services provide streamlined access and online retrieval. And we can assist clients in making the digital imaging transition from paper-based records to digital, so that searching for and retrieving information is even faster and easier.

Secure Records Storage & Management – Digital and Hard Copy

Our record storage facilities in North Carolina protect your these private business documents in a climate-controlled unit, with 24/7 comprehensive security monitoring, round-the-clock delivery and pickup services and more. When you store your files with us, you are guaranteed a top-of-the-line, technologically sound, safe and protected environment. In other words, you can leave all the worries to us. We’ve got it covered.

LTO Tape Vaulting & Data Protection

If your IT team backs up your systems to tape, store it securely off-site in fire-suppression protected vaults with access controls and 24/7 monitoring. We offer regular rotation, as well as on-call deliveries.

Certified Document Shredding & Data Destruction

When the time comes to destroy the files and data you are no longer using, you can make use of our highly secure paper shredding services, guaranteeing that sensitive information will never end up in the wrong hands. Save yourself the time, energy, and hassle of destroying private documents by simply using our federal and state regulation-compliant services. We are AAA-certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), so you don’t need to spend an extra minute worrying about the way in which you get rid of various paperwork and information any longer. We offer hard drive and magnetic media destruction, also AAA-certified, as well.

The professionals at COR365® can customize an information or document management solution for your firm that gives staff more time to concentrate on your business and help it grow.

Your COR365® Advantage:

  • Firm and customer information remains secure and available, 24/7
  • Staff can access all records seamlessly through digital document management
  • Costs and risk are reduced
  • Space and personnel time are freed up to allocate to other uses

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