Federal, State, & Local Government Document Management Solutions

With experience working with government agencies, from state and local to federal, COR365® knows how to meet budget restrictions, hard deadlines, and high standards. We provide a variety of document management and information management solutions to agencies of all sizes and diverse mandates.

Government agencies need to manage large amounts of information with complete security, and ensure that it is accessible 24/7. Across-the-board budget cuts make meeting these demands difficult. COR365 can help. We can tailor an information management solution that will meet the needs of any agency, including the need for greater efficiency, cost-containment, and information security and confidentiality.

Document Scanning

Converting hard-copy files to images streamlines operations, saving companies money. And COR365® Information Solutions has the expertise to help.

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Microfilm and Microfiche Digitization

COR365® Information Solutions can convert microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards into digital images (PDF, TIFF, etc.).

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Data Protection

Routinely backing up and storing data in a safe, secure environment allows businesses to operate seamlessly, even when the unexpected happens.

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Record Storage

Reclaim costly office space and free up your staff from tediously managing paper files. File-level indexing allows us to quickly retrieve and deliver the documents back to you when you need them, 24/7.

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iCOR™ is our newest addition to a suite of services that help businesses store, protect, retrieve as well as eliminate information. No other company can match our solutions or our dedication to finding the right one for each client. As the industry leader, COR365® Information Management Solutions can help virtually any business streamline operations, lower costs and simplify compliance.

Our team offers all of our clients the COR365 Advantage which means that you will have ‘round the clock access to all the paperwork you need without having to worry about security breaches or privacy issues. Rather than having to waste office space and company time storing your files, you can reduce costs and create a more spacious environment by storing your information with us. What’s more, you will never have to worry about the wrong person getting their hands on sensitive files since all of our data remains secure at all times.

We can also help the transition from paper-based to digital records and provide secure shredding of eligible documents to reduce the risk of identity theft and non-compliance with privacy laws.

Your COR365® Advantage:

  • All data remains secure and available, 24/7
  • Staff can access all records seamlessly
  • Costs and risk are reduced
  • Space and personnel time are freed up to allocate to other uses

Along with record storage, we also offer document imaging services, making it easier to find the government paperwork you need as soon as possible. We offer a wide array of solutions, from turkey to self-managed, allowing you to choose the option that suits you and your business best. We offer a service bureau solution which allows us to pick up, scan, and index your file before we store them in our completely secure data center. If you prefer, we can set you up with a backend solution, which will allow you to index your own documents before handing them off to us for storage. We can also scan your paperwork for you or allow you to do it yourself as well.

The professionals at COR365® have the expertise to customize a solution that will allow municipalities to outsource the hassles of information management so that they can better allocate internal resources.

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