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Medical records management: Improve your access to information
and you improve efficiency and care.

With accounts payable, human resources, and billing, among other departments, medical records represent only a fraction of the information that today’s clinics, hospitals, and healthcare systems have to manage and maintain storage. Different departments have different needs, requirements, and budgets, all while broadly sharing the goal of supporting quality patient care.

COR365® Information Solutions can provide a HIPAA-compliant, individualized medical records management solution to each department. We have experience with thousands of document types and can help ensure that each document type within each department is organized and indexed for intuitive, easy access.

Whether you store hard copies of medical records in our secure warehouse or vault facilities, elect to digitize and purge, or a combination of the two, we can create comprehensive plans that take the stress out of managing the information internally. We’ll make sure your retention requirements for your patients’ medical records and information storage are met while also following all applicable laws and system policies that govern your information.

With iCOR™ by M-Files® you can deploy a HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-wide content management system that will give your organization the power to manage all the information it processes, from medical records to personnel files and building blueprints, in one application. With full control over access and permissions, you’ll be able to restrict files and records to authorized users only. That means providers, staff, and other individuals that need access to medical records storage can access them through the same application that other departments use, while protecting health information privacy through strict access controls. Customizable workflows empower productivity and accountability while ensuring that you never miss a step.

Proper information management requires detail oriented work that can take critical time away from your employees’ core duties and tasks. But with a team of dedicated information management professionals helping with your medical records management, your organization will be able to focus on the mission critical tasks they need to.

Your COR365® Advantage in Medical Records Storage and Management:

  • Information remains secure and available, 24/7
  • Providers and staff can access all medical records storage seamlessly
  • Certified information governance (IG) available
  • Costs and risk are reduced
  • Space and personnel time are freed up to allocate to other uses

Count on the professionals at COR365® in North Carolina to customize an information management solution for medical records storage for your group, so that providers can deliver the best possible patient care.

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