Legal document storage: COR365® makes it easy for legal firms to manage information and costs at the same time.

Attorneys usually spend all day on the phone, answering questions. They tackle their regular work during the hours before nine and after five. To help, COR365 provides industry-leading information and legal document management and legal document storage solutions that streamline the process. Attorneys will be able to access the secure legal documents they need anytime, from anywhere.

Our online Document Imaging services provide simplified access and retrieval from legal document storage. And we can assist clients in making the transition from paper-based records to digital, so that searching for and retrieving information is even faster and easier.

Your COR365® Advantage for Legal Document Management and Legal Document Storage:

  • Firm and client legal document storage and information remains secure and available, 24/7
  • Attorneys can access all legal documents and records seamlessly
  • Costs and risk are reduced
  • Space and personnel time are freed up to allocate to other uses
  • Shredding services securely destroy all eligible files and legal documents

The professionals at COR365® can customize an information management solution for legal document management for your firm that gives staff more time to concentrate on your business and your clients.

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