Outsource the minuses of information management while benefiting from all the pluses.

Few retail organizations have the space, the capital, or the IT personnel at each location necessary to handle information management. That’s why so many rely on COR365® Information Solutions. All documents are securely stored at COR365®, and made available 24/7 to everyone with approved access. All sensitive information, such as customer credit card numbers, employee records, and information on prices and inventory, is protected.

Rather than having to spend all your time worrying about the safety of your company’s paperwork, employee data, and client information, you can leave the work to us with our data protection services. We will provide you with backup tapes so you can routinely load your critical business information into a safe location and then store it in our temperature-controlled, actively monitored facilities.

We can help any retail company develop an information management program, as well as transition from paper-based to digital records. We can also securely shred eligible documents to reduce the risk of identity theft and non-compliance with privacy laws.

Your COR365® Advantage:

  • Customer and company data remains secure and available, 24/7
  • Employees can access all records seamlessly
  • Costs and risk are reduced
  • Space and personnel time are freed up to allocate to other uses

When you’re ready to part ways with old documents and paperwork that are no longer relevant, we can provide you with topnotch shredding services which are AAA certified by the National Association for Information Destruction. Gone are the days of worrying about finding your own shredding tools, wondering if you are doing it correctly, and taking up company time to accomplish the task. Our machines are capable of shredding documents of all shapes and sizes and we have regular schedules available to ensure we work around your time.

The professionals at COR365® can customize an information management solution or software for your company that gives staff more time to concentrate on helping customers and growing your business.

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