Customer Testimonials

“They came in one weekend and drove away with 30 years worth of paper records. I must admit we were a little uneasy watching all that collected information – the literal backbone of our business – leaving the premises at first. After scanning, they input all the data into our new iCOR system and returned the boxes the following weekend. COR365 made the whole process seamless. They’re great people. Easy to like and we’ve got a great relationship. Plus, now I’ve got a system where I can click on a customer’s name and everything with that customer is at my fingertips.”

Carol T. Jordan, President
Trans Carolina Permits, Inc.

“With well over 100,000 boxes of vital records in storage across 11 cities on the east coast, our relationship with our records management vendor is very important. I have dealt with several records management companies, some with a large nationwide footprint. Without a doubt, COR365® is far and away the best company in the market that I have dealt with. I especially appreciate the personal service I get – no hassles, no delays, no excuses – just top-notch, on-time, consistent service. And their rates are excellent!”

Brent Meadows, Director of Records Services
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC, a leading law firm

“When I started my own law practice in 1985, one of the first decisions I made was to employ COR365® to store old files that wouldn’t fit in my office. I have now been a client for nearly 25 years. Our firm has 10 attorneys today and almost 25,000 files in storage with COR365®. We find them to be very service-oriented and reliable.”

R. Michael Wells, Senior Partner
Wells, Jenkins, Lucas & Jenkins, PLLC, a leading law firm

“We have partnered with COR365® for several years and have always found the company to be responsive to our needs and requests. Their staff members are always pleasant, prompt and go out of their way to support us.”

Catherine W. Bennett, Personnel and Facilities Administrator
Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP, a leading law firm